Secret Garden Inn (Closed Permanently)

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GayCities Members report that Secret Garden Inn has closed
Your new favorite romantic getaway
The Secret Garden is a lovers' nest tucked away steps from Commercial St. Recommended by the "New York Times," the Garden's farmer's porch and balcony are two of the best spots in P-town.


    • Alar
      Alar Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The owners Michael and Andreas are fun, hospitable and really make you feel at home. I have a zen room with a great view of the monument. AC / wifi/ mini refrigerator in each room. I've stayed at many B

    • itessyxe888
      itessyxe888 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Steer clear of this Drama Queen. Since the new owner Michael took over there is not a peaceful vibe in the place. I was quoted one rate, then arrive and it's something else, and after I left they started charging my card more, until I had the bank change my account. NIGHTMARE. Breakfast consisted of day old bread, and burnt coffee, yuk Never quite in the house. My "room" was so small I could even walk around the bed and they ended up getting $834.86 of my money for only 5 days. Trust me there are alot of better nicer, calmer and peaceful places to stay. MY LETTER TO THE OWNER: Michael, I believe I was staying in the sea pebble room at the season rate of $140.00 per night, plus 9% tax would be around $152.60 per night, right? There is a recent charge on my card for around $53.00 dollars pending, which I don't know why. All total that would bring my room rate up to $166.97 a night. Or $834.86 for 5 days. Honestly had I known it was going to be different than what I was told, I would have not come or brought a friend that paid for 5 nights in the best room and only stayed 4 because of the drama in the house. In addition I was quilted in to paying Mary $20.00 to help her make my bed and clean my sheets, but I thought that was her job. I must say, looking back it was a very different experience than I had when the other guys ran it. It seemed calmer, more relaxed, and there was a guest party one night. Please explain