Crew's Quarters Boarding House

100% love it
Men-only guesthouse in the center of it all
Located steps from Spiritus Pizza, this has been the place to stay in P-town since 1960.


    • MichaelCrow
      MichaelCrow Over a year ago

      PTown Crew's Quarters
      It's great to stay in the middle of commercial street where all the actions is. The staff( Rufus, Chris and Ben) where very friendly. The room I stayed in was on the 3rd floor (narrow stairs) on the street side of the building, right up front in full sun all day. No air conditioning. Very small window(approx 2' sq) and a ceiling fan. Very hot and stuffy. The room was only slightly larger than the full size bed and small bureau with a tiny closet (filled with space heaters). The shared bathroom was clean, but also very small compared to the facilities on the first and second floors. I don't want to sound negative as the location and shared rooms (lobby and TV room) where quite nice. $139 per night was a bit pricey for the room and continental breakfast, but one must pay for the location. Also, there is no parking on the premises, so parking in the town run lot is required ($180) for the week. As much as I enjoyed being right down town, I feel that I will not be staying there again if I can find other lodging. I have been renting a cabin, farther away from the main drag, for $1000 per week that had a kitchen, removing the need to purchase every meal at a restaurant. When I go back to PTown next summer, I'm going back to the cabin and the 2 mile walk to town.