Provincetown: Cape Cod Gay Summer Getaway

Provincetown, Massachusetts or "P-Town" is a popular summer vacation and weekend spot for gays (and straights) from New York, Montreal and, of course, Boston. Provincetown sits on the very end of Cape Cod and its isolation helped an artist's community form here in the 1960s. With that community, gay men and women felt that they had found their own very special place on Cape Cod.

Today, P-town is much more commercial and its streets crowd with tourists. But this town still feels extremely gay during the summer months when visitors descend to enjoy the accepting community, the sun, sand and numerous bars and clubs. Its easiest to get here by the 90 minute "fast ferry" from Boston, or, if you can afford it, via a short 25-minute Cape Air flight.

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Provincetown Pride

P-town in full swing


June 2-4

Art with Heart

Head on over to The Provincetown Commons over Valentine’s Weekend on the 11th and 12th

Provincetown Commons

February 11-February 12, 2024